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Shenzhen Bright Technology Industrial Ltd.
맞춤 제조업체
GuangDong, China
주요 제품:유연한 LED 스트립, UVC 빛, 단단한 막대 빛, LED 성장 빛, LED 네온 스트립
No. 5 스마트 스트립 빛 부문 베스트셀러Annual export US $10,000,000Years in industry(12)Total floorspace (3,000㎡)Total staff (80)
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BRIGHT Technology Industrial Limited is a Hi-tech enterprise specialized in LED light R&D,producing,selling,post-sell service.We have an experienced technology and marketing team.
Technology is key to energy saving.Bright Technology is persisted in researching and developing new technology for the LED products.Currently,we have a series of independent and know-hows on LED lights.
All our products are produced according to ISO9001 standard.Our main product are LED strip,LED bar light,LED downlight,LED Tube,LED Panel Light,Digital Tube,Pixel Light,LED Street Light etc.And we provide OEM/ODM service to customers.
Based on advanced technology,superior product quality,flexible marketing strategy,fast delivery and excellent service,Bright Technology has taken a solid first step and is aiming to become the leading role of LED industry in China.
We are now in the period of fast development,and willing to establish firm and sustainable partnership with the customers in domestic and abroad.